Dave L. Johnson


ENnie-nominated professional illustrator and mountain-dwelling beard bearer.

Freelance illustrator for RPGs, album covers, posters, and concept art.

Availability ranging from short-term freelance work to extended contract work. Loves English Mastiffs, stringed instruments, hiking, and gaming in all its forms.

-----=+Products delivered in 2014+=-----

/// Scarlet Heroes (copyright 2014 Sine Nomine, all rights reserved) – Old school RPG for one GM and one player in a mythic, gritty Pan-Asian setting.///
/// Odyssey (copyright 2014 Will Hindmarch, all rights reserved) – A story game for emulating and exploring aspects of the heroic journey.///
/// Tome of Monsters (copyright 2014 John M. Stater, all rights reserved) – a massive tome of monsters for use in a variety of old school games.///
/// Strange Stars (copyright 2014 Trey Causey, all rights reserved) – a retrofuturistic sci-fi campaign world a la 70's space opera. System neutral.///
/// Zebulon Kosted – album cover for their new album, Oro y Plata.///
/// Splintered Realms (copyright 2014 Michael Desing, all rights reserved) – Gritty fantasy campaign setting for OSR play.///
///Mythos Expeditions (Pelgrane Press) – a collection of 9 world-spanning scenarios for Trail of Cthulhu, from a variety of authors.///
///Arkham, Lovecraft and Cthulhu for FATE Accelerated (Alan Bollinger) – Pulpified Cthulhu games using the FATE system.///
/// The Seventh Circle (copyright 2014 Pelgrane Press, all rights reserved) – Modern investigative horror scenario for Fear Itself and Trail of Cthulhu.///
/// Grandpappy Cromdar’s Whizbang Zoo! (copyright 2014 David Lewis Johnson, all rights reserved) – Old school dungeon module and inventive bestiary with a gonzo bent.///
///Slumbering Ursine Dunes – a pointcrawl setting with multiple dungeons for old school gaming.///
-----=+Products delivered in 2013+=-----

/// Eternal Lies (copyright 2013 Pelgrane Press, all rights reserved) – megacampaign for Trail of Cthulhu, by Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball, and others.///
/// Double Tap (copyright 2013 Pelgrane Press, all rights reserved) – follow-up sourcebook for the vampire conspiracy game Nights Black Agents. Written by Kenneth Hite and others.///
///Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary (copyright 2013 BRW Games, OGL license) – A collection of 900 monsters for OSR gaming!///
///Dungeon Crawl Magazine, issues #2 and #3 (copyright 2013 Semper Initiativus Unum Games) – useful gaming content for OSR gaming.///
///Petty Gods Expanded – (open content published by Gorgonmilk 2013) – Minor godlings written by many in the gaming field, including Michael Moorcock.///
///Wienerland – concept art for Austrian web series. Spaghetti western meets post-apocalyptic dark fantasy.///
///Zebulon Kosted album cover – ‘The Corrupt Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko’.///
///Amaryth – metal band logo.///
///Monks On Fire – album cover and various merchandise.///

-----=+Upcoming Projects+=-----

///Pleroma Horror RPG – a Swedish psycho-thriller RPG, with Jungian undertones, courtesy of author/designer Andreas Hestrom-Mace.///